Atelier York


Atelier York is an architectural visualization and CGI rendering studio based in London, UK, founded by Director Alex York, with over nine years of experience in the field, working with some of the world's largest architectural practices, interior designers and developers. For a small list please have a look at our Clients list.

The studio's work has been published in the Architects Journal, Building Design, 3D World and in various architecture/design books and publications, both in print and online.

Our specialities include computer-aided 3D rendering and CGI visualisation for the architecture and construction industries, architectural photography and digital image manipulation, covering everything from luxury high-end residential projects to offices, public realm and planning work (masterplans, eye-level planning shots etc.) including stills and animations.

We are able to take on projects of all sizes and types, from quick competitions to multi-image planning exercises, still images to 360-degree panoramas and fly-through animations.

If you've designed it, we can visualise it.


- still CGI views for marketing
- still CGI views for planning
- verified views (AVRs/VVMs) for planning
- competition images
- aerial photomontages
- before/after (existing/proposed) images
- 360 degree interactive panoramic images
- fly-around animations
- fly-through animations
- marketing brochure visuals
- architectural photography and retouching


- luxury residential
- private extensions
- civic and masterplan
- offices
- hotels and retail
- towers
- public-realm
- mixed-use


- marketing (public, private, documents, billboards, hoarding etc.)
- planning (documents, consultations etc.)
- verified views and method statements
- conceptual images/competitions
- design documents
- design-development content


One of the key services we offer is help during design-development. We are able to produce CGI visuals from the very earliest stages of your project, and work them through to completion, while you swap out furniture and refine your architectural and interior design. We have found that this can be extremely useful to architects, designers and clients because they are able to see their design evolve in 3D, enabling them to tweak every last detail before proceeding. This can save our clients a huge amount of time and money.

We are more than happy to work with your in-house 3D models, no matter the format (SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino etc.) but we are also extremely experienced in producing detailed and accurate models from CAD drawings too.

Real-Time On-Screen Production:

Our London studio is conveniently placed to enable on-screen design development in real-time. Our clients enjoy being able to work on-screen with us to realise their visions quickly and efficiently. Similarly, we regularly work with clients abroad, particularly in the Middle-East and North America.


Photography is critical to many projects, especially photomontages and CGI visuals for planning documents. For some studios, photography is often one of those things that needs to be outsourced to another agency/individual. At Atelier York we are able to handle photography in-house on virtually any project. We also have a great deal of experience shooting built projects.